Blues Transparent

ICSL was  spun off of an initiative of Braamfontein Blues which is a non-profit company made of up of former student athletes that are now lawyers, engineers, doctors and business men in leading institutions and organisations in South Africa.  The intention was to pool resources to build an organisation that would make a meaningful and sustainable contribution through sports development.


  • To give others the opportunities that Braam Blues members have been fortunate to have been blessed with through our involvement in sports.


Braam Blues events at Hillbrow Kids Week

Braamfontein Blues activities at Hillbrow Kids Week

  • The main aim of the organisation is to use sports as a platform to develop programmes that will enhance exposure and access for young people with regards their future education and work opportunities.
  • The intended overall effect is to develop vibrant, healthy and engaged communities through youth that are positive contributors to society.

Organisation Info

Section 18A Tax Exempt

Registered non-profit organisation (117-222 NPO)

BEE Certified (Level 4, EME, 100% Recognition)